Orthopedic applications of titanium include hips, knees, and bone screws.
The 1950's saw the first use of titanium in orthopedic applications and now titanium is the standard material of choice for orthopedic devices such as hip joints, bone screws, knee joints, spinal fusion cages, shoulder and elbow joints, and bone plates.
Titanium has been selected as a metal of choice in the orthopedic segment of the market because it is inert in the human body, it is resistant to attack body fluids, has proven to be compatible with bone density, is strong and has a low modulus, hence making it an excellent material of choice in the orthopedic arena.
The human body readily accepts titanium as it has proven to be more biocompatible than stainless steel or cobalt chrome. In addition, titanium has a higher fatigue strength than many other metals. Compatibility with MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and CT (Computed Technology) also contribute to the selection of titanium as the material of choice in orthopedic applications.
Products used in this application include:
Bar, Plate,  Sheet, Wire
Orthopedic titanium standard
Standard Grade Application
ASTM F67 Grade1-4 surgical implant material
ASTM F136 Ti6Al4V ELI surgical implant material
ASTM F620 α+β alloy surgical implant material
ASTM F1472 Ti6Al4V surgical implant material
ASTM F1108 Ti6Al4V surgical implant material
ISO5832-3 Ti6Al4V surgical implant material
ISO5832-2 Grade1-4 surgical implant material
Ti-6Al-4V ELI, TC20
surgical implant material
GB23102 Ti-6Al-7Nb surgical implant material
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