Structural airframe applications include wing structures, landing gear components, critical fasteners, springs, and hydraulic tubing. Titanium is selected in this application due to its basic characteristics; specifically its strength to weight ratio.

The use of titanium in airframes has continued  to grow since the 1960's where it had it's beginnings in military programs and ultimately  moved into commercial aircraft.   Titanium alloys effectively compete with aluminum, nickel and ferrous alloys in both commercial and military airframes.

The selection of titanium in this application is a result of the specific properties associated with the metal including:
• strength to weight ratio
• reliability
• corrosion resistance
• mechanical properties
• thermal expansion
• location on the galvanic series

Applications run the gamut of airframe structural members; from massive highly stressed, forged wing structures, and landing gear components, to small critical fasteners, springs and hydraulic tubing.

As new titanium products, alloys and manufacturing methods are employed by the aircraft industry, the use of titanium will expand in this application.

Products used in this application include:
Bar, Billet, Block, Plate, Sheet
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